100th Anniversary show is up

This was a fun clip show that we did live on livevideo.com on 2/10/09 that was a best of show. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

Get the show at http://www.puckertime.com/show.html search “Puckertime” in iTunes or grab from the RSS feed at the bottom of this page. Thanks for listening

Thanks to all of the co-hosts

Billy Bob Neck
Shirley Phelps
Anonymous Meth Addict
Ted Bundy’s girlfriend

And all of our loyal fans

Billy Bob Clip – from his radio show

Great production value – Stoughtons mike muted

Junior walgreen prank

Junior walks in on us

Keys in the car – Back in his thieving days

Life as a glove maker – how rosy his future is

Lombardi slap – best clip ever

Power of cheese – contains one of my favorite intros

Shirley and the grey pubes – Mike joins the show

Smoke weed everyday

Theft is an ok thing to do – Describing the arrest

Toast the shield of freedom

Tossin the salad

Junior Hygiene – Getting the Hemorrhoids inspection at MEPS


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