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The 2nd Century of Puckertime Begins.

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Show 101 is up and ready to listen to here or download it from the rss feed at the bottom of the page.

In this episode:

Was Lincoln a gay racist?

Get a quilt and a dildo at the Vermont Country Store

Count cards with your iPhone

Facebook is the devil

Brazilian Fart Porn

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100th Anniversary show is up

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This was a fun clip show that we did live on on 2/10/09 that was a best of show. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

Get the show at search “Puckertime” in iTunes or grab from the RSS feed at the bottom of this page. Thanks for listening

Thanks to all of the co-hosts

Billy Bob Neck
Shirley Phelps
Anonymous Meth Addict
Ted Bundy’s girlfriend

And all of our loyal fans

Billy Bob Clip – from his radio show

Great production value – Stoughtons mike muted

Junior walgreen prank

Junior walks in on us

Keys in the car – Back in his thieving days

Life as a glove maker – how rosy his future is

Lombardi slap – best clip ever

Power of cheese – contains one of my favorite intros

Shirley and the grey pubes – Mike joins the show

Smoke weed everyday

Theft is an ok thing to do – Describing the arrest

Toast the shield of freedom

Tossin the salad

Junior Hygiene – Getting the Hemorrhoids inspection at MEPS

Episode 99 is up !

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Pittsburgh Steelers:  Lords of the Rings

Myron Cope is awesome

Pirates in the Caribbean

Roethenberg cannibal

Transvaginal kidney removal

Ashes to ashes – Fish to dust


Here is a link to the insane emo kid

Here is the Beat Box guy



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