Episode 90 is up

Check out episode 90 (or all of our episodes for that matter) at the bottom right of the page.  This episode we discuss another great show ShoulIdrinkthat.com | Juniors wheels fall off | Lessons from the Bar | The Steelers | The Comedy of Jim Gaffigan | and a late night snippet that was too embarrassing to stand on its own.



One Response to “Episode 90 is up”

  1. The clip at the end was too good. Glad you posted it after all. Here’s hoping Jr’s new wheels are reliable.

    It was neat to hear you talk about Kenny and I, Sr; I wasn’t sure if you were still keeping up with our show at that point. Yeah, we had a falling out, but have since patched things up. No worries there. And there has been some talk of a new show in the future, just not sure what the premise would be.

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