I Finally Caved

I figured that if I was going to have any success (now there’s an ambigious term) at podcasting, I should listen to the guys that have acheived the measure (and model) of success that I am looking for.  My
son Sto Jr and I have been podcasting every 7-10 days for about two and a half years now, and have a solid base of supporters that enjoy our raunchy humor, as well as the changing dynamic between father and son
in a coming of age sort of story.  When we started the show – Junior was a 17 year old struggling high school student, and he is now working for a solid telecom company making a damn good wage for a 20 year old.  We have chronicled his adventures from dropping out of traditional high school to the internet academy – then on to factory work, joining the US Coast Guard reserve, and finally landing on a path that hopefully will lead to a productive and satisfying life as a young adult.

If you’re a big fan of Masterpiece Theater or are offended by the more common taboos in society (sex, profanity etc…) then you probably should turn and run immediately.  Some of our funniest (we always try
to be funny – but sometimes the nature of what we are talking about gets the best of us) moments are based on stretching the boundaries of good taste and challenging the views of most normal people.  The

episode where we asked extreme religious media whore Shirley Phelps of God Hates Fags what color her pubes are comes to mind. All

All of that being said – feel free to join us at http://www.puckertime.com, or subscribe to our show in iTunes (search “puckertime”) and join us as we revel in the freedom and the global reach that this great country (and the interwebs) have given us.  We love seeing your email messages – puckertime@gmail.com – and especially love your voice messages at 206 973 FYOU (3968).

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Welcome….changed my theme too

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