A letter I sent to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and the Board of Directors:

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Your decision to no longer provide any analog service (even if you are subscribed to a digital cable package) has me seriously questioning whether or not Comcast is truly the best provider of cable television, Digital voice, and high speed internet services. I currently subscribe to your cable TV digital service, your high speed internet service, and to your digital voice service.

This table below illustrates what we as consumers are dealing with. There are some simple fixes to some of these issues

1. Provide a more robust universal remote such as those provided with the HD digital cable boxes.
2. Provide the digital remote adaptor remote codes to third party manufacturers so that I can use the features of the existing (multiple device) universal remote control devices that I already own
3. Provide a more flexible interface for the DTA. Different types of inputs / outputs (currently one of the rooms in my house is supplied with a cable signal provided wirelessly via ANGELTRAX wireless cable adaptor. This is not possible with the digital cable adaptor).

I am in the telecommunications industry (one of your competitors as a matter of fact) and understand more than anyone the need for technological upgrades and employing technology from the bleeding edge, however in this case, the roll-out was forced, and frankly, not thought through very well. The internet is alive with forums and blogs where thousands of people have voiced dissatisfaction with the switch to the DTA vs. plain old cable service.

These changes took all of your customers by surprise. Your corporate website stated (as of May 22nd 2009. It has since been pulled down):


“If you have Comcast Cable, you’re ready already for the Digital Transition. If all your TVs are currently connected to Comcast, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax and keep watching your favorite shows.”

I am painfully aware that I am not a premiere customer of Comcast, but I do believe that the consumer business is your bread and butter.

I appreciate the time you took to read this and review the chart below. I am very much looking forward to your response



Stoughton B Bailie Sr


Comcast can kiss my ass

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This is an email I sent to our local news consumer watchdog guys at KOMO news 4 as well as to the editor of the local paper.


I have all but ignored the information available about the digital TV transition because I am hooked up to Comcast cable. I have a very large house that has 8 televisions in it. Two of these are hooked to Comcast digital cable boxes, and the other six are not.

During the recent tests that have been offered by local televisioin stations the TV’s in my house all passed the test. Again – they are all hooked to cable and none of them receive any “over the air” programming.

As of the last few days – I have noticed a splash screen on two channels (Oxygen and CMT) that says “Digital equipment is now needed to view this channel. If you need digital equipment please call 1 800 COMCAST. I called Comcast and was told that I needed to lease additional devices (I believe called “DTA’s”) for the TV’s that are not connected directly to cable boxes and that this effort had nothing to do with the Digital TV transition (evidenced by the fact that I have the messages on my screen well before the transition).

I was told that within the year – Nothing would be available through my direct cable (without the box) except for local networks and would not have access to MTV, ESPN, or many other of the cable favorites.

I haven’t heard one word about this on the news or from Comcast. All I have heard is that If I have cable – I needn’t worry about the transition – including the statement below from the Comcast web site.

I truly feel that we are being mislead by Comcast and being bilked again.

Thanks for your time

Stoughton B Bailie Sr


“If you have Comcast Cable, you’re ready already for the Digital Transition.
If all your TVs are currently connected to Comcast, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax and keep watching your favorite shows.”

The 2nd Century of Puckertime Begins.

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Show 101 is up and ready to listen to here or download it from the rss feed at the bottom of the page.

In this episode:

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100th Anniversary show is up

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This was a fun clip show that we did live on livevideo.com on 2/10/09 that was a best of show. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

Get the show at http://www.puckertime.com/show.html search “Puckertime” in iTunes or grab from the RSS feed at the bottom of this page. Thanks for listening

Thanks to all of the co-hosts

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And all of our loyal fans

Billy Bob Clip – from his radio show

Great production value – Stoughtons mike muted

Junior walgreen prank

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Life as a glove maker – how rosy his future is

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Episode 99 is up !

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Pittsburgh Steelers:  Lords of the Rings

Myron Cope is awesome

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Ashes to ashes – Fish to dust


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Again…. I’m just sayin.

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I'm just sayin...

I'm just sayin...